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Revolutionizing Seaweed Processing: Innovative Plant for Sustainable Production.

This cutting-edge processing plant for seaweed is designed to increase efficiency and reduce waste while promoting eco-friendly practices in the food and agriculture industry.


There is no available solution for processing larger amount of farmed seaweed in a short period of time. Most of the farmed seaweed in Norway has therefore been sold as low value ingredient.

This has resulted in missed opportunities for the seaweed industry to tap into the lucrative market of high-value seaweed products, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and specialty foods.


Develop a mobile processing technology which combine our drying competence with a micro-biorefinery/hydrolysis process to increase the volumes of seaweed which can be processed.


Build a full-scale factory to utilize all the different organic materials in seaweed. The company will through partnership and acquisition get access to aquaculture

licences for seaweed farming and create a complete value chain from upstream

to downstream.

#D0DBE2 (1).png

Phase 1

40’’ Drying container

40’’ Production container for seaweed fertilizer

20’’ Battery container

Containers are equipped with solar panels and micro wind mill for self sufficient power usage.

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