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About us

Team Tekslo is a dedicated group of 7 people. 50 years of combined experience in: Project management, engineering, marketing, sales. Procurement, production, seaweed harvesting, product development and logistic.

Seaweed Ventures

We are a small start-up company with big ambitions, from bringing seaweed to the Norwegian dinner table to exporting it globally, creating various products, and building multiple brands.


We are from Norway and have grown up by the sea, where we have developed a genuine interest in conveying the unique properties of seaweed for various purposes.

We are thinking innovatively for the future and believe that seaweed is the way forward.

Runar Trellevik Tekslo.png

Our journey so far

2016 - 2019

Tekslo Seaweed Founded

Tekslo Seafood was founded by three entrepreneurs who aimed to reintroduce seaweed into people's daily lives. It started with pure seaweed in bags and later developed into user-friendly spice blends in glass jars.

2020 - 2021


Sjøsaker launches with 6 products, adding 2 new products in 2021. Launches Iodine seaweed supplement i 2021 and seaweed chocolate together with Fjåk.

Meet the team

We are a team of experts in seaweed cultivation, processing, and marketing, as well as professionals with a passion for sustainable and innovative solutions.

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