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The future is here

We are the seaweed revolution


Tekslo Seafood’s vision is to

become a leader in sustainable

farming, processing and product

development of seaweed.

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Tekslo Seafood

Tekso Seafood started in 2016 with a dream of bringing seaweed back into everyday life. Today, we have two brands featuring seaweed: Sjøsaker, which offers food products, and Sollmar, which offers skincare products. We are also planning to expand into developing fertilizers, animal feed, and other products.

Now open for new investors

You now have the opportunity to invest in the future big industry. We are raising between 11 and 20 MNOK.

Seaweed fertilizer factory

A unique mobile processing technology which combine our drying competence with a micro-biorefinery/hydrolysis process to increase the volumes of seaweed which can be processed.

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Natural skincare with seaweed. Using seaweed's abundance of vitamins and minerals, the skincare line is packed with over 97% natural ingredients and probiotics, and designed to tighten, nourish, and create a healthy and smooth skin with optimal microbiome and balance.

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Seaweed is the vegetables of the sea, which is why we call it Sjøsaker! These nutritious plants make every meal healthier and richer in taste. 



We love to find new ways of using seaweed and this journey has taken us into serveral directions, but the core is to develop the european seaweed industry in a sustainable way.


Producing products with seaweed is a sustainable alternative to traditional materials due to its abundance, fast growth rate, and low environmental impact. Seaweed-based products can also have multiple applications in various industries, including food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, contributing to the creation of a circular and bio-based economy.

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Our company's seaweed seasoning offers a natural solution to address the issue of iodine deficiency, a significant public health problem worldwide.

All our seasonings are balanced with just the right amount of seaweed so you can cover you daily need of iodine.

Reduce CO2

Our company are combining the large scale seaweed farming with sustainable technological solutions which can have a large positive impact on carbon reduction.

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Restore land

Our company offers a revolutionary solution to restore degraded farmland using seaweed. By using seaweed as a fertilizer, we can enhance soil structure, promote healthy microbial activity, and increase water retention. 

Meet the team

We are a team of experts in seaweed cultivation, processing, and marketing, as well as professionals with a passion for sustainable and innovative solutions.

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